Top-Rated Animal Dildos You Need to Try



Looking to add some excitement to your intimate moments with something a bit out of the ordinary? Animal dildos might be just what you’re searching for. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right one? Do you crave realistic textures, or perhaps you’re intrigued by unique shapes and vibrant colors? Whether it’s the sturdy suction cups for hands-free fun or the intriguing squirting features, there’s a lot to consider. This guide will walk you through some top-rated animal dildos, each with distinct features designed to satisfy your specific needs and desires.

7.87′ Suction Cup Dildo Soft Silicone Dildo Fat Anal Dildo, Animal Dildo Fantasy Alien Dildo Strap-on Dildo Compatible, Women Sex Toys for G Spot & P Spot Stimulation, Adult Sex Toys for Women Men

Uniquely shaped and vibrant

This 7.87-inch suction cup dildo from Catkoco is a visual treat with its mixed colors and sparkly details. One user noted, “The sparkles are much more vivid in person,” adding a fun element to your intimate moments. The unique shape, designed to mimic an adult wolf, offers a thrilling experience with its stout glans and raised thorns. It’s perfect for both G-spot and P-spot stimulation, making it a versatile toy for everyone.

Hands-free fun with a solid build

The strong suction cup allows for hands-free play on smooth surfaces like bathroom walls or floors. This feature is praised for its stability, with one user sharing, “It has a very secure suction cup.” The dildo is also strap-on compatible, providing multiple play options. It’s made of premium soft silicone, ensuring comfort and flexibility during use. Cleaning is a breeze, thanks to its waterproof design.

Perfect for content creators

This dildo isn’t just about size and shape; it’s also about the experience. The two knots offer a filling sensation, ideal for beginners to intermediate users. One user raved, “Loved the squirting action,” highlighting its unique features. The discreet packaging ensures privacy, making it a great choice for those looking to explore their fantasies.

Horse Dildo, Realistic Animal Dildos 15 inch Huge Thick Thrusting Dildo Anal Sex Toy with Suction Cup Adult Toy for Men Women Sex Pleasure (Brown)

A challenge for the advanced player

This 15-inch horse dildo from HANXUEBER is not for the faint-hearted. With its lifelike brown color and realistic texture, it’s designed for those looking for a thrilling experience. One reviewer mentioned, “It was difficult to get the head in but with tons of lube and a little patience, it finally popped in.” The dildo’s large size and girthy dimensions make it a challenge even for seasoned users.

Powerful suction cup for hands-free fun

The sturdy suction cup allows for hands-free play, enhancing your experience whether in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. The flexibility and softness of the German PVC material add to the comfort, ensuring no rashes or abrasions. One user shared, “The texture is very good for a large dildo of this size, and feels very similar to Doc J Ultraskyn.”

Realistic softness with a firm inner core

The dildo’s design features a lifelike head and veined shaft, providing an incredibly realistic feel. It’s described as performing better than a muscle man, giving you a fulfilling experience. The product also comes with a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring your personal privacy with discreet packaging.

Horse Dildo, 9.8 inch Soft Realistic Animal Dildos with Powerful Suction Cups, Adult Anal Sex Toy for Women Men Gay (Black S)

Great size and length

This 9.8-inch black horse dildo by Aobrong offers a satisfying experience with its lifelike glans and vivid veins. One reviewer noted, “Wonderful on all levels,” highlighting its effectiveness. The dildo is designed with multiple sizes to meet different needs, making it perfect for G-spot stimulation, clitoral, and anal play.

Safe and flexible material

Made of TPE, this dildo is 100% phthalate and latex-free, ensuring safe use. The strong suction cup supports hands-free play and is harness compatible, adding versatility. One user commented on its flexibility, saying, “Flexible, fit.” The soft texture and natural balls make it feel like the real thing, enhancing your intimate moments.

Easy to clean and use

The dildo’s 100% water-resistant design makes it easy to clean, and it’s recommended to use with lubricant for the best experience. One reviewer shared, “Came discretely packed and has a good feel and give to it.” This toy is a great starter size for those curious about equine-shaped dildos.

3.85 Inch Mini Knot Dildo Animal Dog Dildo Sex Toys, Small Slim Knotted Dildo Fantasy Realistic Dildos for G Spot Stimulation, Strong Suction Cup Anal Plug Adult Sex Toy for Women Man Couple Pleasure

Super mini but mighty

This 3.85-inch mini knot dildo from missmall is perfect for beginners and those looking for a portable option. Available in vibrant colors like yellow, black, red, and blue, it offers a realistic animal texture that enhances pleasure. One reviewer praised its discreet packaging, saying, “Package is in an Amazon bag, it’s discreet.”

Soft and comfortable design

Made of high-grade double-layer silicone, this mini dildo is soft, comfortable, and skin-friendly. The suction cup allows for hands-free play on most smooth surfaces, making it versatile for different positions. One user noted, “The material is very soft, also the base isn’t flared much which makes me worry that I will lose it in me.”

Perfect for travel

This mini anal plug is small and portable, fitting easily into travel bags or even pockets. It’s a great companion for on-the-go pleasure. One user shared, “Good size and texture,” highlighting its comfort and usability.

Super Big Size Horse Dildo, 16.2 Inch Long Animal Dildo, Liquid Silicone Material, Strong Suction Cup Hand-Free Huge Cock Adult Sex Toys Large Dick for Men Women Couple(Black)

Saddle up and mount

This massive 16.2-inch horse dildo from LZYAA offers a thrilling experience for advanced users. One reviewer shared, “It was firm but had the right amount of ‘give’ to it that I felt I could manage it.” The dildo’s long length and liquid silicone material ensure safety and comfort.

Powerful suction cup for intense play

The strong suction cup can adhere to any smooth flat surface, making it perfect for hands-free play. One user noted, “The suction cup could hold up a VW BUG!” The dildo’s realistic design, with veins and a bulbous head, provides a filling sensation that many users find satisfying.

Easy to clean and maintain

This dildo is easy to clean with water or soapy water after each use. One user shared, “The suction cup is very strong and will suction to almost anything that’s mostly smooth.” The discreet packaging ensures privacy, making it an ideal choice for those looking to explore their fantasies.

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Big Size Long Knotty Silicone Artificial Dog Dildo Wolf Silicone Made Big Knot Multi Colored (Pink+Grey)

Beautiful craftsmanship, soft material, not for beginners

Looking for a toy that combines artistry and pleasure? This silicone dildo by YOCY has a big, long, knotty design that’s perfect for the experienced user. MisterD raves about its beautiful craftsmanship and soft material, noting that it’s not for beginners. The unique pink and grey color mix ensures each piece is one-of-a-kind.

A budget Bad Dragon

Lilia The Succubus praises this dildo for being an affordable alternative to pricier brands like Bad Dragon. She mentions how the size is huge and the knot adds an exciting challenge. Despite its formidable size, she was thrilled with the sensation it offered, calling it an excellent introduction to the world of themed dildos.

Experts only, but visually stunning

Jenny in Chi Town found the dildo visually stunning but noted its firmness could be uncomfortable. Despite owning larger dildos, this one made her feel like a “naughty girl” due to its unique design. She wished it were softer but still appreciated the overall quality.

Squirting Dog Knot Dildo, Realistic Wolf Ejaculating Pink Dildos with Powerful Hands-Free Suction Cups Simulated Animal Dildos Adult Sex Toys Anal Plug for Beginners Men Women Couples

Very sexy and a fun introduction

Tristen Forrest found this squirting dog dildo sexy and couldn’t wait to try it on his girlfriend. Made by DMYTLNLK, this toy has a knotted shaft and a powerful suction cup, making it a versatile option for beginners. The realistic ejaculating feature adds a fun twist, although some users found the suction cup less reliable.

Knot is not for beginners

Sophie loved the shape, describing it as better than realistic dildos. However, she warned that the knot is not for beginners. Proper foreplay is essential to avoid discomfort. She also noted that the suction cup isn’t the best, but with some effort, it works well on smooth surfaces.

Short neck for taller users

Sitiran pointed out that the toy’s “short neck” made it challenging for taller users to envelop the knot. Despite this, the overall feel of the toy was enjoyable, and the realistic squirting feature added an extra layer of fun.

Animal Dildo, Realistic Oversized Elephant Penis Cock Dong Christmas Gifts Female Masturbator Vaginal Massage for Women

So satisfying and a wild ride

Satisfied, a male reviewer, found the texture and curve of this elephant penis dildo amazing. He loved how the skin felt soft with gentle ridges, making every moment pleasurable. He mentioned that the suction cup was lacking but still got a lot of “fulfillment” using it.

Best sex of all

Angel L. Mitchell fell in love with this oversized dildo, describing it as better than the real thing. She plans to buy a second one soon. The dildo’s raised ridge and flexible material make it a standout choice for those looking for a more adventurous experience.

Great feeling but poor suction

James Riley enjoyed the design and ridges, which provided hours of pleasure. However, he noted that the suction cup was not the best, requiring some adjustments to stay in place. Despite this, he found the overall experience highly satisfying.

11.22” Huge Horse Dildo, Lifelike Animal Ejaculating Dildo, Silicone Squirting Dildo with Suction Cup, Flexible Dildo Adult Sex Toy for Couples (Red)

Great toy with dependable suction base

Jenny praised this horse dildo for its good quality silicone and reliable suction base. She enjoyed the toy’s thickness and length, noting that the squirt feature had good pressure. However, she wished for more texture to make it even more exciting.

Missing parts and false advertising

Carissa Girl was disappointed as the product did not include the bulb or syringe seen in the pictures. This oversight left her feeling misled and unsatisfied with her purchase.

7.59 Inch Realistic Dog Dildos with Knot, Huge realistic Animal Anal Plug, Soft and Flexible Animal Artificial Dog Penis, stimulates G-spot, Vagina and Anus, Novelty Sex Toy for Adult Men and Women.

Realistic and big, knotty fun

Michael M. found this dog dildo realistic and effective, praising its lifelike shape and big knots. The sturdy suction cup allows for hands-free fun, making it a versatile addition to any collection. The unique mixed colors add to its appeal, ensuring it stands out from other toys.

Perfect for intimate nights

杨杰夫 appreciated the big, knotty design, finding it perfect for intimate nights. Although he wished for fluid dynamics, he still enjoyed the overall experience, making it a great choice for both beginners and advanced players.

FST Animal Penis Realistic Ultra Long Deer Dildo G Spot Stimulate Masturbation Sex Toy for Female

easy to enjoy this fantasy animal dildo

This purple deer dildo by FST is made from body-safe, non-toxic PVC material. It’s soft, smooth, and flexible, allowing you to bend it into various positions for ultimate satisfaction. With a total length of 10 inches and a diameter that ranges from 0.599 to 1.61 inches, this toy is designed for deep G-spot stimulation. One user mentioned, “Loved it. Even better than I could imagine!” highlighting its effectiveness. The large size of this dildo makes it perfect for female masturbation and lesbian encounters.

protect your privacy completely

Discreet packaging ensures your privacy. No sensitive words on the box, so no one will know what’s inside. The waterproof nature of this dildo means you can take your fun into the shower or bath. Always clean the product before and after use, and store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Should you have any questions, FST promises to respond within 24 hours, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Horse Dildo,12 in Squirting Knotted Animal Huge Ejaculating Dildos Realistic Textured Pink Black Shaft with Strong Hands-free Suction Cups Adult Sex Toys Waterproof Large Anal Plugs for Female Couples

this bad boy is no joke

This horse dildo by DCHDM is not for the faint of heart. With a total length of 12 inches and a maximum knot diameter of 2.56 inches, it’s designed for those who crave intense pleasure. Made from body-safe silicone, it’s both soft and hard, providing a realistic feel. One reviewer said, “It’s thick and the knot is as big as my fist.” Another noted, “It’s perfect as a blowjob simulator.” Its powerful suction cup allows for hands-free fun on any smooth surface, making it versatile for different scenarios.

let your fun keep breaking through

The squirting function adds an extra layer of realism, making your experience more immersive. The toy is easy to clean due to its smooth texture and the absence of excessive nubs. The discreet packaging ensures your privacy, with no sensitive information on the box. This toy may not be suitable for beginners, but it’s a must-have for experienced users looking for a challenge.

8.3 Inch G spot Horse Dildos, Flexible Anal Sex Toys with Suction for Men Black

it’s exactly what i was looking for

LEEWEDENG’s black horse dildo is a versatile toy made from soft TPE material. It has an 8.3-inch length with a 6.1-inch insertable length, making it perfect for G-spot and anal play. One user said, “The item stayed firm for some backup action.” Another shared, “The flared head on re-entry and exit feels amazing.” The realistic head and vein texture add to the overall experience, providing lifelike sensations.

the perfect size for g spot & anal

This dildo comes with a strong suction cup that sticks to almost any surface, allowing for hands-free fun. It’s waterproof, making it easy to clean and perfect for shower use. The discreet packaging ensures no one will know what’s inside. While some users noted a noticeable smell and seam, others praised its size and feel, saying it provided immense gratification.

Realistic Knot Dog Dildo, Wine red Silicone Soft Wolf Canine Small Animal Monster Adult Anal Plug Sex Toys for Male Female G Spot Cock Dildos 7.5” Fake Penis Beginners Women Men Couples

fantasy and role play is fine

This wine-red dog dildo by Generic is designed for beginners. With a total length of 7.5 inches, it’s perfect for those new to anal play. Made from soft, safe silicone, it’s both flexible and durable. One user mentioned, “fantasy and role play is fine if everyone in the act is a consenting human adult.” The unique color and design make it a standout addition to your collection.

unique stimulation separated from the full context

The powerful suction cup allows for hands-free fun on any smooth surface. The discreet packaging ensures your privacy, with no product information on the box. One user argued that these toys “offer a moral outlet for zoophiles, without them having to engage in actual bestiality.” This toy provides a safe way to explore fantasies without causing harm.

Monster Fantasy Dildo, Silicone Anal Dildo with Suction Cup for Men, Realistic Dildos for Women, 8 inch Soft Animal Alien Prostate Dildo, Fat G Spot Fake Penis, Adult Sex Toys

very pretty

Xosax’s monster fantasy dildo is an eye-catching toy with a colorful design. It has a total length of 8.66 inches, making it perfect for hitting all your right spots. Made from premium silicone, it’s body-safe, durable, and flexible. One reviewer said, “Its very nice to look at and squishy, making the overall item comfortable to use.” The powerful suction cup allows for hands-free fun on any flat surface.

looks like a candle and can be left out for decoration

The unique design and ridges provide amazing sensations with every thrust. One user noted, “The grooves are the special design of this soft alien dildo.” The discreet packaging ensures your privacy, and the no-returning exchange policy guarantees customer satisfaction. This dildo is a great gift choice, especially for Halloween, due to its unique appearance and design.

Huge Long Horse Dildo 17.32 inch Simulation Animal Large Anal Plug Horse Dildos Waterproof Suitable for Advanced Experience Women Couples (Blue)

Not for beginners

The Huge Long Horse Dildo boasts a striking length of 17.32 inches, making it suitable for seasoned users. Danni, a top reviewer from the United States, shared, “Even though I’ve had one before, it is still too much of a challenge coming back to it.” This colossal toy will push your limits and reach depths you never thought possible.

A game of tension and excitement

With its ultra-long shaft and thick girth, this dildo promises an intense experience. The sturdy suction cup base ensures it stays put, whether you’re using it on a shower wall or any smooth surface. As Danni noted, switching from canines to this horse dildo is a big leap due to its sheer size and challenge.

Privacy first

Discreet packaging ensures your privacy is protected. The realistic design and vivid blue color add to the allure, making it a prized possession for any advanced enthusiast.

Squirting Horse Dildo Soft Safe Silicone Realistic Ejaculating Dildo Strong Suction Cup 9.8 Inch Thick Animal Dildos XL Fake Penis Large Butt Plug Adult Toy for Women Gay Couples Man Anal Play (B)

Realistic fun with a unique squirting feature

At 9.8 inches, the Squirting Horse Dildo offers a thick and realistic experience. Matthew R., a satisfied customer, praised its texture and functionality, saying, “Amazingly textured veins and balls… Ejaculating feature works well.” This dildo provides a lifelike feel, enhancing your playtime with its squirting ability.

Strong suction for hands-free play

The powerful suction cup allows for versatile use on any smooth surface, making it perfect for solo or partner play. As Matthew R. mentioned, the suction cup holds firmly in place, ensuring an uninterrupted experience.

High-quality material and easy cleaning

Made from high-quality silicone, this dildo is soft, comfortable, and easy to clean. Its waterproof design lets you enjoy aquatic fun, taking your pleasure to new depths. Despite a minor shipping hiccup, Matthew R. found the product flawless in performance and look.

5.91 Inch Realistic Soft Dildos for Beginners, Handmade Lifelike Thick Silicone Dildo, Suction Cup Soft Penis for Hands-Free Play, G-spot and Anal Play, Adult Sex Toys for Men and Women & Couples (Goku)

Perfect for beginners

The 5.91-inch Goku dildo is ideal for those new to sex toys. Reviewer Tommy Wallbanger said, “I love how real it looks and feels! The suction cup is really strong.” Its realistic design and manageable size make it a great starter toy for exploring G-spot and anal play.

Handcrafted for a unique experience

This dildo is handmade, ensuring each piece is unique. As Kassie noted, “It’s almost uncanny, both in appearance and also in feel.” The craftsmanship shines through, making it a standout in terms of realism and satisfaction.

Strong suction and flexible play

The durable suction cup allows for hands-free fun on any smooth surface. Tommy Wallbanger appreciated how well it fits all his harnesses, adding versatility to its use. Whether in the shower or bedroom, this dildo promises an enjoyable and realistic experience.

9.84′ Huge Monster Dildo for Women, Fantasy Soft Silicone Dildo Animal Wolf Dog Knot Penis with Strong Suction Cup, Thick Anal Dildos Adult Sex Toy for Couple Men

Advanced users only

With a length of 9.84 inches and a maximum diameter of 2.75 inches, this monster dildo is not for the faint-hearted. Stefan F. pointed out, “It’s definitely for very advanced users.” Its size and flexibility make it a challenging yet rewarding toy for experienced users.

Soft but firm

Made from body-safe silicone, this dildo is soft yet firm enough to function properly. Reviewer hiphip34 noted, “Material is soft and pliable, yet firm enough to function.” The raised thorns and stout glans add extra stimulation, making each use an adventure.

Colorful and discreet

The unique galaxy color adds a touch of fantasy to your playtime. Despite its size and appearance, the dildo comes in discreet packaging to protect your privacy. Stefan F. mentioned the toy’s softness as a minor drawback, but overall, it lives up to its promise of intense pleasure.

Dog Dildo 7.4inch Realistic Animal Suction Cup Dildo, Wolf Dildo Hands-Free Gorgeous Colored Silicone Anal Toys for Beginners G Spot Stimulation Women Strap on (Blue)

Gorgeous design and color

The 7.4-inch Dog Dildo is perfect for beginners. Its sky blue color is manually mixed, ensuring no color leaks even in high-temperature baths. Matthew R. praised the toy, saying, “The knot is definitely not for beginners, but that should be expected.”

Strong suction cup

The durable suction cup allows for multiple positions and hands-free play on any smooth surface. This feature ensures you can enjoy various angles and positions without interruption. Eligh Brown noted, “It’s not exactly the most beginner friendly. However, it is very cool looking.”

Soft and comfortable

Made from soft, comfortable silicone, this dildo is non-toxic and odorless. The waterproof material makes it easy to clean, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Scott S. highlighted, “Suction cup works great! It’s very soft and comfortable but its slight texture gives a great sensation.”

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Realistic Horse Dildo 12inch Long Animal Dildos Silicone Red Anal Plug Dildo Adult Toys for Men Women Couple(Red)

Smooth & sexy feel

This Realistic Horse Dildo, standing at an impressive 12 inches, is a treat for those seeking intense stimulation. With a vibrant red color and made from premium silicone, it promises a smooth and sexy experience. HighPlainsDriftedin noted, “With it being 12 inches of usable length means that you can go as deep as you want.” The flexible nature of this dildo, combined with a powerful suction cup, allows for versatile play in various positions.

Filling without hurting

One Amazon Customer mentioned, “This was a little hard to insert with lube as it’s a bit flimsy, but once inside oh my god! This thing fills you up beautifully.” This reveals that while the dildo might take some getting used to, it delivers a fulfilling experience once you get the hang of it. With a waterproof design and non-toxic material, you can take your pleasure from the bedroom to the shower without worries.

Discreet and durable

For those concerned about privacy, this dildo comes in discreet packaging. Chris emphasized its quality: “The dildo itself is firm but also loose enough to move easily. All around great for starting out with bigger toys.” Despite a few mixed reviews regarding its firmness, many users appreciate its realistic feel and durability.

Realistic Thick Dog Dildo Black Silicone 10 inch Long Dildo with Hands-Free Suction Cup, Big Raised Knot Thick Animal Dildo Anal Plug Adult Toys for Women and Men Couples (Black&Red)

Intense experience with a knot

The Realistic Thick Dog Dildo offers a unique, intense experience with its raised knot. Erin Smith shared her excitement, “This dildo has given me the most intense experience I’ve had with a sex toy!!” With a total length of 10.8 inches and a maximum width of 2.2 inches, it ensures a filling experience. The black and red color mix, combined with premium silicone, makes this toy both attractive and safe.

Filling your desire

John couldn’t wait to try it out: “Great toy that will fill you up. Couldn’t wait to try it out and it filled my desire.” The strong suction cup base allows for hands-free play, making it possible to enjoy in any position. Despite some concerns about the knot’s thickness, many users find the challenge rewarding and fulfilling.

Smooth and sturdy

The dildo’s material is soft yet sturdy, ensuring it remains in place during use. HighPlainsDriftedin mentioned, “It’s more soft than firm & it’s nice & smooth.” This combination of softness and firmness makes it suitable for both beginners and experienced users. However, some users like Christopher David found it “HORRIBLE” due to its perceived cheapness, highlighting the importance of personal preference in sex toys.

Thursting Dog Dildo, Vibrator Wolf Dildos with Suction 8.26” 2IN1 Big Vibrating Dildo Prostate Vibrator Silicone Remote Control 10 Modes Vibrator for Women and Men

Unique thrusting sensation

The Thrusting Dog Dildo offers a unique experience with its 10 thrusting and vibrating modes. Lancelot pointed out that “the device only lasts 5-10 minutes before dying,” highlighting battery issues. Despite this, the dildo’s design and thrusting motion provide a distinct sensation, making it a fan favorite.

Convenient remote control

With a remote control included, this dildo is easy to operate and adjust to your preferred settings. Gabriela Vergara mentioned, “It does not meet expectations,” due to its lack of rigidity. Yet, the dildo’s thrusting and vibrating combination can still deliver pleasurable moments.

Animal Dildo, 10 inch Realistic Deer Penis Ultra Long Elk Cock, Anal Plugs for Men Women (Black)

Perfect for deep play

This Animal Dildo, mimicking a deer’s penis, offers an ultra-long 10-inch length for deep play. Jim Jam noted, “This is a fantastic item for practicing your oral skills.” Its tapering design makes insertion easier, while the lifelike veins add to the realistic feel.

Flexible and lifelike

Made from flexible TPE material, this dildo can bend without deforming. Horus shared, “Just don’t go down too fast at 1st; it can jab you good,” emphasizing the need for caution during use. With its sleek design and absence of a suction cup, this toy is perfect for those looking for a flexible and realistic experience.

Squirting Realistic Dildo Smaller Size 6.9inch, Ejaculation G Spot Dog Dildo Silicone Animal Dildo Wolf Canine Anal Sex Toys with Suction Base – Red Grey

Great for beginners

The Squirting Realistic Dildo, with its 6.9-inch length, is ideal for beginners. DumbGayFurry shared, “The toy is easy to insert, use, and the suction cup makes it even better.” Its smaller size and tapered tip make it easier to handle, while the squirting feature adds an extra layer of excitement.

Quality material and easy to clean

Made from premium liquid silicone, this dildo is soft, odorless, and easy to clean. The suction base ensures it stays in place during use, making it versatile for various positions. The toy’s high-quality material and design make it a worthwhile addition to any collection.

Dragon Dildo 9.25inch Realistic Dog Dildo Fantastic Colorful Strap on Dildos, Thick Silicone Anal Dildos for Women and Men Couples

Great quality, amazing suction cup!

This blue dragon dildo from HANXUEBER is a visual treat. With a unique blend of colors, each piece is a work of art. Ellie says, “Great length, on the softer side, feels great, and has a powerful suction cup!” At 9.25 inches long and 2.3 inches wide, its raised knot adds a challenge for more adventurous users.

A lot of fun to be had

Charlotte Russell shares her excitement, mentioning how it arrived discreetly and without any unpleasant odors. She notes, “It’s not for beginners though; it’s sizeable, certainly, and once mastered, it’s a lot of fun.” This dildo is perfect for those looking to spice things up with its firm suction cup that sticks to any smooth surface, making hands-free play a breeze.

The wife loves it

Don Juan’s testimonial highlights the pleasure this dildo brings. “Nice and soft, and no harsh smell. Once she made it past the knot, her mind was blown.” Made from body-safe silicone, this waterproof toy is easy to clean and promises a safe experience. Confidential packaging ensures your privacy, making this dragon dildo a top choice for the adventurous at heart.

8.5” Fantasy Horse Dildo, 2 Inch Thick Animal Dildo with Dual Density Silicone & Skin Textured, Monster Dildo Horse Cock Dildo Butt Plug Sex Toys for Women G-spot Gay Men Anal Play

Great texture!

Letoor’s gray fantasy horse dildo stands out with its dual-density silicone that mimics real skin and muscles. Tres says, “The dual density design is great, soft and skin-like but able to stand on its own!” This 8.5-inch dildo with a 2-inch diameter is perfect for those seeking intense sensations.

OH MY G!!!

Travis can’t stop praising the thickness of this toy. “The day I got him I could not stop using him, the girth from the tip to the base is amazing for any girth lover!” Its realistic contours and veins enhance frictional stimulation, hitting all the right spots with its large knot and rounded glans.

Collects lint and hair

However, Michael Burns points out a minor drawback: “It’s a battle to keep it clean.” This dildo, while highly pleasurable, tends to attract lint and hair, making maintenance a bit tricky. Despite this, its discreet packaging and body-safe silicone make it a worthwhile addition to any collection.

Realistic Dog Dildo with Knot, 8.26 inches Big Anal Plug Dildo Pink Silicone Adult Toy Lifelike Animal Dildo for Beginners Women and Men Gay Lesbian

Too flimsy

This pink and white dog dildo by HANXUEBER offers a visually appealing design with its hand-mixed colors. However, as Anal man notes, “Toy is almost impossible to insert due to being too flimsy.” At 8.26 inches long and 2.28 inches wide, it’s a big toy that might require a firmer touch for easy use.

Unique mixed color

The dildo’s unique color combination makes it stand out. The special head and big knot add to its appeal, but the lack of firmness can be a drawback for some users. Despite this, the strong suction cup base allows for versatile hands-free play.

Body-safe silicone material

Crafted from premium silicone, this dildo is nontoxic, odorless, and nonallergic. You can sterilize it in hot water, ensuring a safe and hygienic experience. Confidential shipping guarantees your privacy, making this dildo a suitable option for those who can handle its softer texture.

Silicone Realistic Squirting Dog Wolf Dildo with Suction Cup, Animal Dildos Thick Knot Ejaculating Prostate G-Spot Stimulation Anal Plug Buttplug Adult SM Sex Toy for Beginner Women Men Couples

Love that we get some decently priced tube toys like this!

Heuceo’s red and white squirting dog wolf dildo is a budget-friendly option for those looking to explore ejaculation functions. Arctic Revolution notes, “Finally there’s some good cheaper alternative ‘liquid’ shooting tube toys out there.” This dildo mimics an animal’s penis with enhanced textures and knots, making it highly stimulating.

Really realistic

Redhac comments on the lifelike details, saying, “The details of this kind of scare me because it is very detailed.” The flexible shaft slides naturally into any erogenous zone, whether it’s the anus or vagina. The waterproof design makes it perfect for shower play.

With ejaculation function

This dildo’s standout feature is its ejaculation function. It’s easily filled with a watery liquid that squirts whenever you let it, providing a realistic experience. The strong suction cups ensure it stays in place, adding to the overall pleasure. Confidential packaging ensures your privacy, making this a great choice for those looking to add a bit of realism to their play.

10inch Huge Realistic Dildo, Snake Animal Dildos with Strong Suction Cup, Thick Anal Adult Sex Toys for Women/Men Couple, Large Clear Penis Dong for Vaginal G-spot

The texture of the bumps on every thrust

With a 10-inch length and a snake-like shape, this clear dildo promises a thrilling experience. Made of soft Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), it’s both flexible and safe for vaginal and anal play. The scales and curves provide a unique texture that’s hard to forget.

Hands-free fun anywhere

The suction cup on this toy is a game-changer, freeing your hands for other activities. Stick it to any smooth surface, and you can enjoy it from any angle. One user, D, praised its excellent suction power, saying, “It’s good for BD play, but make sure you use enough lube.” However, Alison Williams expressed caution, noting, “Nowhere on the packaging could I find what this is made of, so there’s no guarantee that it’s made of safe materials.”

Not for beginners

The size and texture make this dildo more suitable for advanced players. Average Joe found the head’s size added to the experience, though he wished it were made of silicone for better safety. Cleaning can be a bit of a chore with TPE, but it’s waterproof, making it easier to manage.

Realistic Wolf Dildo with Knot, Thick Monster Suction Cup Dildo Adult Sex Toys for Women, Couples

Large is very large

This wolf dildo, available in a purple-clear shade, is made from soft, flexible TPE material. It features a huge knot and thick girth, making it perfect for prostate and G-spot stimulation. Jesse G. warned, “The large size is massive, much bigger than anticipated. I’ll be lucky if I can get the small tip in at the very top.”

Great textures

Luis Ulloa loved the textures, saying, “The veins and shape make it different and fun. The knot gives great sensation for those that enjoy the occasional stretch.” The suction cup allows for hands-free play, although Happy Customer noted that it struggles to hold the toy’s weight, especially in the larger sizes.

For the price? Can’t complain

Despite its flaws, this dildo offers a unique experience at an affordable price. John Watson was less impressed, calling it a “gag gift” and doubting its practicality. However, if you’re looking for something different and aren’t deterred by its size, this wolf dildo could be a fun addition to your collection.

Multi Color Soft Flexible Animal Artificial Horse Dildo Silicone Dildo Toy Adult Sex Toy for Women with Suction (Green+Black)

Very nice for the horse races

This green and black horse dildo is made of silicone, known for being safe and odorless. It’s long and soft, offering a unique sensation. Mike Mcgee appreciated its texture, saying, “Great texture, nice and smooth with some changes in thickness.”

No joke

Sign Out. found it to be a challenging but enjoyable toy, “It’s thin enough to be a challenging deep throat, but wide and long enough to be a challenge for intermediate users.” The suction cup is strong, holding up well during intense play.

Fun fantasy toy

Peter loved how it fulfilled his deepest fantasies, stating, “This toy will definitely fulfill your deepest anthro-fantasy as it will fill you up, stretching you to limits you’ve never felt before.” Discreet packaging ensures your privacy, making this a great choice for those looking to explore new dimensions in their sex life.

9.7” Horse Dildo Long Monster Dildos with Suction Cup, Pink Silicone Dragon Dildo with Big Balls Fantasy Anal Dildo Sex Toys for Couples Strap On

Unique and novel experience

This 9.7-inch horse dildo, available in pink and green, offers a distinct experience with its lifelike veins and muscle texture. The silicone material is high-quality, safe, and easy to clean. One user mentioned, “Nah. Decorated plastic is nothing like an actual animal,” highlighting the unique feel of this toy.

Safely explore new pleasures

Designed for safety, this dildo can be used without causing harm if properly prepared. A forum user noted, “There is surprisingly little correlation between height/build and vaginal cavity size,” emphasizing that with proper care, it’s safe to use. The powerful suction cup allows for versatile play, sticking to any smooth surface.

Confidential packing and after-sale service

The product comes in discreet packaging, ensuring your privacy. With 24/7 customer service, any concerns can be promptly addressed. This makes it a reliable choice for those looking to try something new and exciting in their sex life.

Huge Thick Horse Dildo, 13.8 inch Realistic Big Animal Dildo with Strong Suction Cup, G Spot Giant Dildos Large Cock Adult Anal Sex Toys for Women Men Couple (Black)

For advanced players

This 13.8-inch black horse dildo is not for beginners. Its massive size, with a 12.2-inch insertable length and 2.3-inch diameter, is perfect for experienced users. One reviewer noted, “From the reviews, it looks like people enjoy it. It would just be a bit embarrassing if someone would stumble upon it at your place.”

Safe material and strong suction

Made of TPE, this dildo is flexible, safe, and odorless. It cleans easily with warm soapy water. The strong suction cup allows for hands-free fun, sticking to any smooth surface. This dildo is ideal for both women and men looking to spice up their sex life.

A way to show care

Purchasing this product can show care and consideration for a partner’s desires. One user mentioned, “Yes, you’re overreacting. This is for her pleasure and if you care about her your feeling that it’s somehow ‘odd’ after admitting you do other ‘pretty kinky’ stuff is kind of misplaced.” The active community and support surrounding this product also enhance the overall experience, making it a worthwhile addition to your collection.

9.5 inches Nothosaur 「Audrey II」 Ovipositor Dildo with Medium Soft Platinum Suction Cup, Unique Design Hands-Free Play Sex Adult Toy with Egg Models and Booster

Great quality product

The 9.5 inches Nothosaur 「Audrey II」 Ovipositor Dildo is a pink delight made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). This unique adult toy features a strong suction cup for hands-free fun and comes with egg models and a booster. According to Spook916, it’s a “great quality product” that brings excitement to any collection.

Love this toy

Kevsgirl111 raves about this toy, saying, “I have wanted a toy like this for so long & this one is just perfect!” With a total length of 6.7 inches and an insertable length of 5.1 inches, it’s ideal for beginners. The texture is soft yet firm, making the experience enjoyable.

Shockingly entertaining

Anonymoose, initially skeptical, found this toy “far more fun than it should be.” The ball-free design allows for deep penetration without hindrance, and it’s easy to clean under running water. If you’re into adult-type work or just looking for some bedroom fun, this toy is highly recommended!

8.07′ Luminous Squirting Dildo Silicone Anal Dildo Butt Plug Toy for Women, Realistic Ejaculating Dildo Suction Cup Dildo Adult Sex Toy, Flexible Dildo Anal Plug

Very poorly made and sticky

This luminous squirting dildo from SOODAY has mixed reviews. MS found it “very poorly made with flaky bits of plastic around the edges.” Priced at $29.99, it seems like a gamble with its 2.1 out of 5 stars rating. The material feels sticky, which might make it uncomfortable to use.

Nice texture

On the flip side, Logan Compton praised its texture, stating, “It feels good and it glows great and it squirts well.” The dildo is made of liquid silicone and features a strong suction cup for hands-free play. Its colorful design and flexibility make it an interesting addition to any collection.

Feels good once it’s in

Despite the mixed reviews, this dildo offers a unique glowing feature and a realistic squirting experience. If you’re willing to overlook some flaws, it could be a fun toy to explore.

Upgrade 8.3 Inch Dragon Scales Realistic Dildo G Spot Stimulation Dildos with Powerful Suction Cup for Hands-Free Play Anal Adult Sex Toy for Women and Couple (Clear)

Great texture at an even better price

The Upgrade 8.3 Inch Dragon Scales Dildo is a clear, textured delight made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). April Wallace found it to be “a fun toy to add to your collection,” praising its texture and crystal-clear appearance. At $9.99, it’s a steal.

Good size and great texture

John C mentioned, “Got the 8 inch size thinking it might be a little big, but it’s really flexible so it’s just right.” The dragon scales add a unique sensation, and the strong suction cup ensures it stays in place during play.

Absolutely amazing

Rstauto couldn’t stop raving about it, saying, “the scales feel soooooo good.” This dildo’s conical design and realistic dragon scales provide a unique experience. Whether in the bathroom, living room, or bedroom, this toy is versatile and easy to clean.

8.5 inch Soft Horse Dildos, 2.19” Thick Girth Horse Cock Dildo Dual Density Silicone Animal Dildos with Suction Cup, Monster Penis Fantasy Sex Toy for Beginner Women Men Vaginal & Anal Play

Amazing toy

The 8.5 inch Soft Horse Dildo is a green beast made from dual-density silicone. JWT called it an “amazing toy,” highlighting its high quality and firm texture. With a total length of 8.5 inches and a girth of 2.19 inches, it offers an intense experience.

Big, sturdy, and orgasmic

Nick found this dildo to be “HUGE,” noting that its double-layered silicone feels amazing. However, the suction cup is weak, which might be a downside for some. This dildo is not for beginners but offers a realistic and fulfilling experience for more experienced users.

Big Knot Dog G Spot Dildo with Suction Cup for Women Sex Toys, 8inch Animal Prostate Dildo Glossy Swirly Patterns Silicone Flexible Anal Plug – Red Gold Black

A bit too soft but good for price

The Big Knot Dog G Spot Dildo is an 8-inch toy with glossy swirly patterns. TheCorgiReview noted that it’s “a bit too soft but good for the price.” Made from liquid silicone, it offers a unique texture and a super-strong suction cup for hands-free play.


Cort was disappointed, stating, “Per description says it’s silicone… per product received it’s made of soft rubber (silicone, or PVC)…” This discrepancy raises concerns about its safety. Despite its attractive design, the material might not be body-safe as advertised.

Good for the price

VGN_LDY found it to be a “good beginner size” and a more affordable alternative to big brand fantasy dildos. While it may not have the same quality, it’s a decent starter toy for those looking to explore new sensations without breaking the bank.

8.85 in Colorful Dog Knot Dildo, Glow in The Dark Animal Dildo

“Neat-looking glow-in-the-dark fantasy toy”

This colorful dog knot dildo stands out not just for its look but its practicality. Priced at $23.99, it offers a unique glowing feature that turns nighttime encounters into a magical experience. As one reviewer noted, “I love the shape and appearance of this toy. It has a neat fantasy creature design including the bright colors, and it glows in the dark too.” Crafted from body-safe silicone, this 8.5-inch dildo is both soft on the outside and firm inside, mimicking the feel of a real erection.

“Best suited for intermediate/experienced persons”

With a strong suction cup, this toy can be used hands-free on any smooth surface, making it perfect for adventurous couples. The size and knot design make it ideal for those who are no beginners, offering an intense sensation for both vaginal and anal play. As one review mentioned, “The size of this toy would be best suited for intermediate/experienced persons, especially the ‘knot’ part.” It even comes with a discreet packaging, ensuring your privacy is maintained.

16 Inch Realistic Huge Horse Cock Dildo

“Perfect for size queens”

For those seeking a challenge, the 16-inch realistic horse cock dildo is a must-try. Priced at $34.99, this transparent latex toy is designed for advanced users. One reviewer stated, “Well made and smooth material. Head is a little awkward but after that it feels great.” With a length of 16 inches and a maximum diameter of 3 inches, it’s not for the faint-hearted. The powerful suction cup allows for hands-free fun, whether in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom.

“Big enough to be borderline impossible to use”

Another user humorously noted, “This thing is huge. Big enough to be borderline impossible to use, but anything is possible with time.” Made from premium TPE, this dildo is soft, bendable, and won’t leave rashes or abrasions. Despite its size, it’s designed for comfort and safety, offering a realistic experience with its lifelike head and veined shaft.

Replica Real Penis, Handmade Dildos Realistic Uncut Dildo

“Much bigger than it looks”

This handmade dildo, priced at $39.99, offers a unique experience with its sliding foreskin feature. One buyer exclaimed, “This thing is much bigger than it looks!” Crafted from high-quality silicone, it mimics the feel of a real penis with a firm center and softer outer layer. The suction cup base allows for hands-free play, making it versatile for various positions and locations.

“Very realistic and made of quality material”

Another reviewer mentioned, “Very realistic and made of quality material. Can be warmed up. Has a firm center and softer outside.” The dildo is designed to be heated for added excitement and can be used with lubricating oil for enhanced pleasure. While some found the foreskin hard to move, others appreciated its lifelike design and the unique sensations it offers.

Dog Dildo, Realistic Thick Monster Dildo with Knot

“Very satisfying”

Priced at $29.99, this 7.3-inch green dog dildo features a knotted design that promises impressive pleasure. One user shared, “This one may have been super soft but it will knot you not in a painful way, just have you feeling well full.” Made from body-safe liquid silicone, it’s both waterproof and easy to clean. The strong suction cup ensures it stays in place for hands-free fun.

“Wide and super soft”

Another reviewer added, “It is wide, I give it that. It was uncomfortable at first but not painfully so. The bumps and ridges are perfect.” This toy is ideal for both vaginal and anal play, offering a unique texture and girth that enhances the experience. Its fantasy mixed colors add an extra touch of excitement to your sex life.

11.2inch Realistic Horse Dildo Animal Dildo with Suction

“Without color leak nor color wash-off”

This 11.2-inch pink horse dildo, priced at $39.99, offers a realistic design with a special head and raised big knot. One user noted, “The colors are not just painted on it, without color leak nor color wash-off.” Made from premium body-safe silicone, it’s waterproof, non-toxic, and easy to clean. The strong suction cup allows for versatile play on various surfaces.

“A moral outlet for zoophiles”

Some argue that such toys offer a “moral outlet for zoophiles, without them having to engage in actual bestiality.” This toy provides a unique stimulation experience, separated from the full context, making it an adventurous addition to any collection.

Romi Realistic Dildo with Big Knot Strong Suction Cup Animal Penis G-spot Stimulation Prostate Massager Liquid Silicone Anal Beads for Men Women Advanced Players (Gradient Purple)

A true fantasy experience

Imagine a monster dildo that increases in thickness as you go deeper. The Romi Realistic Dildo, with its gradient purple hue and glitter, offers just that. Alessar, a satisfied user, praises it as “challenging but realistic,” making it a perfect toy for those who seek a bit of adventure. The powerful suction cup base keeps it steady, letting you explore various positions hands-free.

Elegant and functional design

The toy boasts a tapered design with a seductive big knot, providing endless fulfillment. It’s made of soft liquid silicone that feels great and is easy to clean. Alessar notes its attractive appearance, “quite attractive with bits of gold glitter,” adding to its uniqueness.

Dragon Dildo 10.4inch Realistic Thick Horse Dildo with Suction, Long Pink Silicone Monster Dildo Big Anal Plug Toys for Women and Men Couples

L is medium

If you’re looking for a long, thick dildo, the Dragon Dildo might catch your eye. Viking, a user, calls it their “new favorite one,” though they wish it was a bit larger. It’s crafted from soft silicone, making it flexible and comfortable. The pink and brown hand-mix colors add a unique touch, ensuring that each piece is one-of-a-kind.

Too soft for some

However, not everyone finds it to their liking. One user, “This is me,” found it “too soft,” making insertion challenging. Yet, once inside, it’s described as “amazing.” This indicates that while the toy offers a fantastic experience, it might not be suitable for beginners due to its softness and size.

2.88” Diameter Huge Realistic Dog Knot Dildo, 9.5 Inch Silicone Big Thick Bad Wolf Dildos with Suction Cup, Fantasy Canine Animal Dragon Anal Plug Penis, Handmade Sex Toy for Women Male

A beast with a gentle touch

This huge dog knot dildo is perfect for those with some experience. Tim, a user, describes it as “definitely not for beginners” but appreciates its value for money. The toy features a sleek shaft and a knot designed for deep satisfaction, providing a realistic feel with vein textures.

Great for advanced users

Amber Lantz was pleasantly surprised by its size, noting it as a “delightful surprise” despite being almost too lengthy. The suction cup is strong, and the toy is easy to clean, making it a durable addition to any collection. The handmade design ensures that each piece is unique, adding a personal touch to your playtime.

7.87″ Suction Cup Dildo Soft Silicone Dildo Fat Anal Dildo, Animal Dildo Fantasy Alien Dildo Strap-on Dildo Compatible, Women Sex Toys for G Spot & P Spot Stimulation, Adult Sex Toys for Women Men

Even more sparkly than the pictures!

RainyDay loves the sparkly, unique design of this animal dildo, describing it as “much more vivid in person.” The toy’s medium firmness and secure suction cup make it a versatile choice for various play scenarios. It’s easy to clean and maintain, adding convenience to its list of benefits.

Fun and challenging

Steve finds this monster dildo “fun” and appreciates its “great stretch.” The two knots provide a unique challenge, making it an exciting option for intermediate users. The squirting feature adds an extra layer of enjoyment, although it might take some practice to use effectively.

12inch Realistic Long Horse Dildo, Monster Dildos with Knot and Suction Cup Thick Waterproof Pink Silicone Dragon Dildo Anal Plug Toys for Women Men G Spot Anal Play


Robert finds this long horse dildo “vary flimsy and hard to put in at first,” but once you get the hang of it, the experience is worth it. The toy’s length and realistic design offer deep satisfaction, making it a great choice for those who enjoy a bit of a challenge.

Whoa baby

Ally T simply states, “Wait till you feel the knot,” highlighting the unique sensations this toy can provide. Its strong suction cup allows for versatile play, and the pink and gold color scheme adds a touch of elegance. The toy is made from premium silicone, ensuring it’s safe and easy to clean.

Horse Dildo Silicone Huge Animal Dildos Realistic Texture with Thick Knot Dildo Big Anal Pulg Sex Toys Suitable for Adult Female Male Couples

Sturdy and made from good quality dual-density silicone

For those who crave a challenge, the Horse Dildo Silicone from DMYTLNLK might be your next favorite toy. With a length of 10 inches and a shaft adorned with realistic veins, it’s built to push your boundaries. One user noted, “The flared tip feels incredible!” The firm silicone on the outside combined with a softer core offers unique sensations, though the suction cup could use some improvement.

Soft inside and hard outside silicone material

Crafted from dual-density silicone, this toy is both flexible and durable. It’s waterproof and easy to clean, making it a practical choice for repeated use. According to another review, “The first knot isn’t particularly challenging but provides a nice contrast to the shaft.” The toy is discreetly packaged, ensuring privacy.

Interesting and exciting big and small knots

The toy features big and small knots designed to enhance friction and excitement. One reviewer mentioned that it “immediately became a favorite fantasy dildo in our collection.” While the suction cup may not hold up well, the overall design and material quality make up for it.

Dog Ovipositor Dildo with 5 Eggs Luminous Dildo, 8inch Inflatable Pump Dragon Dildo with 5 Balls Laying Eggs Sex Toys for Women and Couples

Neat toy, but instructions would have been nice

The Dog Ovipositor Dildo from HANXUEBER offers a unique experience with its egg-laying feature. Measuring 8 inches in total length, this luminous toy glows in the dark, adding an exciting visual element. One user found it intriguing but noted, “Instructions would have been nice.”

Gorgeous luminous color

The toy’s gorgeous purple color with a luminous effect stands out. To get the best glow, it needs to absorb light for a while before use. A reviewer mentioned, “Fills me perfectly, love the color and material.”

High-quality silicone

Made from soft, liquid silicone, the toy is gentle on the skin and easy to clean. The inflatable pump adds another layer of fun, although some users found the eggs hard to fit in the toy. Despite that, it delivers “endless pleasure in sex play.”

Realistic Knot Horse Dildo, Huge Fantasys Pink Purple Soft Silicone XL Animal Long Anal Dildos 11.18 Inch Strong Suction Consoladores Gay Strapless Penis Adult Sex Toys for Women

Great shape and great material

AWSESE’s Realistic Knot Horse Dildo is a colorful addition to any collection. It boasts a length of 11.18 inches and features a thick, multifunctional knotting design. One reviewer praised it, saying, “It’s a beautiful design, and I’m quite fond of the color.”

Strong suction cups

The toy’s strong suction cup allows for hands-free play on any smooth surface. However, another user noted, “It’s much smaller than advertised and it feels terrible.” The suction cup’s strength is a plus, though its size might not meet everyone’s expectations.

Healthy silicone material

Crafted from high-quality waterproof silicone, this toy is both safe and comfortable. It’s easy to clean and maintain, making it a reliable choice for those looking for a durable option. Despite some mixed reviews, it remains a fun addition for many.

9.6″ Dragon Dildo Fantasy Knot Dildo Animal Dildo, Monster Wolf Dildo Huge Horse Dildo with 2 Knots for Anal Play, Silicone Dog Dildo Thick Anal Dildo with Strong Suction Cup, Adult Toys for Women Men

My new favorite toy

Laphwing’s 9.6″ Dragon Dildo is a beast of a toy, featuring two seductive knots that promise intense pleasure. One user exclaimed, “This is my only toy now; I got rid of the others.” The unique color mix of purple, blue, and black adds to its appeal.

A flexible, delightful challenge

The toy’s soft, body-safe silicone makes it comfortable yet challenging. Another reviewer noted, “The second knot is something to work up to for most people.” Its strong suction cup allows for hands-free play, enhancing the overall experience.

Unique color mixed huge dildo

Each dildo is unique, thanks to its random color and pattern. This makes it a standout piece in any collection. The toy’s flexibility and detailed design make it a must-have for advanced players, offering a “flexible, delightful challenge.”

7.3 inch Small Black Dildos, Realistic Horse Dildo, Soft Adults Sex Toys for Women

Giddy up

LEEWEDENG’s 7.3-inch Small Black Dildo is perfect for those new to horse dildos. Made from jelly TPE material, it’s both stiff and bendable. One reviewer shared, “The flared head on re-entry and exit feels amazing.”

Perfect size

With a length of 7.3 inches and a strong suction cup, this toy is versatile and easy to use. Another user mentioned, “Wife loves this one; the larger tip makes her cum fast.” Its realistic design and texture add to the overall experience.

Very well molded and hot horsecock

Despite being smaller than some might expect, this toy delivers in terms of pleasure. A reviewer noted, “The top is very squishy and goes in smoothly.” It’s an affordable option that doesn’t compromise on quality, making it a great addition to any toy collection.

Huge Tentacle Dildo Dragon Anal Dildo, 17.7″ Long Monster Dildo Alien Dildos Glow in The Dark, Silicone Anal Toys Thick Large Butt Plug for Deepest Sex, Horse Knot Animal Dildo for Men & Women

Perfect for depth play

This 17.7-inch long tentacle dildo is ideal for those who crave the deepest penetration. The texture isn’t too rigid and provides a pleasurable experience, making it a favorite for both top and bottom play. Danielle George mentioned, “The colors are bright and vibrant, and the silicone is of wonderful quality.” It’s also a fantastic piece for collectors of unique adult toys.

Glowing in the dark

Why settle for ordinary when you can enjoy a toy that glows in the dark? This anal dildo combines the shape of a dragon and an octopus tentacle, making nighttime play extra fun. Rey Ochoa shared, “The glow is surprisingly bright, and the colors are vibrant too!” Just let it absorb light for a while, and it will glow, adding excitement to your intimate moments.

Strong suction for hands-free fun

With a strong suction cup, this monster dildo can stick to any smooth surface, allowing for hands-free play. You can explore various positions without worrying about slipping. According to Darker, “The suction cup base is surprisingly strong, making it perfect for deep insertion and easy to clean.”

Long Monster Dildo Fantasy Dildo, 19.6″ Dragon Dildo Horse Cock Dildo for Deepest Sex, Huge Alien Dildo Knot Animal Dildos XL Dildos with Suction Cup, Large Butt Plug Massive Anal Toys for Women, Men

For the advanced player

This 19.6-inch long monster dildo is designed for experienced users who want to explore the deepest areas. With an insertable length of 18.6 inches, it offers an exhilarating experience. R. Adams noted, “There is plenty of length and texture for an unforgettable experience.”

Flexible and soft

Crafted from soft and flexible silicone, this dildo can bend in any direction without losing its shape. Brandon M commented, “It has a good suction cup, but its flexibility makes it harder to use solo. It’s perfect for depth play.” The spiral pattern adds a unique twist to your experience.

Strong suction cup

The thick suction cup base ensures that this dildo stays in place, allowing for various play scenarios. Tanya Marie exclaimed, “It’s very flexible and soft, making it very enjoyable!”

9″ Monster Dildo Thick Fantasy Dildo with Big Knot, Horse Dildo Huge Anal Dildo with Strong Suction Cup, Animal Dildo Huge Dragon Dildo Knot Dog Dildo Big Anal Toys, Adult Toys for Women Men

Unique and visually appealing

This 9-inch wolf-inspired dildo features a mix of red, white, and black colors, making it both elegant and exciting. According to Classic Cat, “The red and black coloration makes it evocative of the real thing without being too real.” The thick glans and bulging veins add to the overall experience.

Big knot for fullness

The insertable length of 8.15 inches and a maximum diameter of 2.81 inches provide a sense of fullness that no other realistic dildos can match. As M described, “The knot is even fatter, offering a challenging yet thrilling experience.”

Versatile suction cup

The strong suction cup allows for hands-free play on almost any smooth surface. HighPlainsDriftedin shared, “It holds the lube nicely, so you don’t have to keep reapplying.” This dildo is also harness compatible, adding more versatility to your play.

9.65″ Huge Monster Dildo Thick Fantasy Dildo with Big Knot, Dragon Dildo Big Anal Dildo with Strong Suction Cup, Dog Dildo Animal Dildo Silicone Knot Dildo Giant Anal Toys, Adult Toys for Women Men

Vibrant and unique

This 9.65-inch dildo boasts vibrant colors and a unique texture. Whiskey Girl noted, “The silicone material feels of high quality, striking a perfect balance between firmness and softness.” The suction cup is impressively strong, making it a reliable addition to your collection.

Perfect for content creators

The big thick girth and unique design make it great for content creators. John shared, “The diameter is very large, but the quality is high. It works really well, even though I can’t take the knot.” The special color mixing techniques guarantee that no two dildos are exactly alike, giving you a one-of-a-kind experience.

Strong suction for hands-free play

The strong suction cup allows for hands-free play on smooth surfaces. WAMom mentioned, “The firmness is just right, not too rigid or floppy.” This dildo is both a visual and physical delight, perfect for adventurous users.

Animal Dildo, Realistic Oversized Elephant Penis Cock Dong Female Masturbator Vaginal Massage for Couple

Realistic texture and raised ridge

This elephant penis dildo has a delicate texture and raised ridge that closely replicates an erect male penis. It’s designed to increase friction and better stimulate your inner walls. Satisfied exclaimed, “The texture, curve, and design of the head are amazing. It hits all the right places.”

Flexible and oversized

The dildo is soft but firm, capable of bending at any angle without distortion. With a length of 10.59 inches and a maximum diameter of 2.79 inches, it offers an incredible stretch. Angel L. Mitchell shared, “It’s big as hell, better than the real thing!”

Body-safe material

Made from health PVC, this dildo is body-safe and comfortable to the skin. James Riley noted, “The ridges and design give you hours of pleasure.” The realistic feel and flexible design make it a top choice for those looking to enhance their solo or couple play.


From the visually stunning 7.87′ Suction Cup Dildo by Catkoco, which offers sparkly details and a unique shape, to the challenging yet thrilling 15-inch Horse Dildo by HANXUEBER, there’s something for every preference. The versatile 9.8-inch Horse Dildo by Aobrong provides safe and flexible material perfect for various kinds of play, while the discreet yet powerful 3.85 Inch Mini Knot Dildo by missmall is ideal for beginners on the go. Each product brings its own unique twist to enhance your intimate experiences. Explore these top-rated options and find the perfect addition to your collection. Dive into new realms of pleasure and make every moment count.