How To Fulfill Your Pet Play Fantasies with Animal Dildos


Many people have in mind to use a dildo in their moments of intimacy but have not yet dared to make the leap for prejudices. And it’s a shame, because the vast majority of those who have done so claim that their sex lives have a “before” and an “after” after the introduction of a dildo in their bedroom.

What is a dildo?

A dildo is a traditional sex toy that, unlike vibrators, does not have any mechanism that makes it oscillate, move or vibrate. This does not mean that it is less pleasant than the others, since it is simply another option when it comes to enjoying one’s body. In addition, many people do not like the tingling sensation that a vibrator brings and prefer a more realistic experience, as if it were a penis. What is clear is that both dildos and vibrators are a great tool to arouse passions, and from our sex shop we assure you that those who try it want to repeat the experience over and over again.

Benefits of using a dildo

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), a dildo serves to enjoy a very exciting masturbation, which gives us self pleasure and makes us freer and happier at the same time. So we can say that masturbating with a dildo gives you the following:

1. Know your body better and know what you like and what you like least.

2. By knowing what you like best, you can share it with your partner and ask him to do what works best for you.

3. Discover how to achieve the best orgasms. Many women are not able to have them as a couple until they discover the best way to reach them alone with a dildo.

4. Masturbating allows you to try new things, fantasize without limitations.

5. Strengthen your pelvic area, enjoying good intimate health.

6. You can enjoy sex without risk of pregnancy or contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

7. If you don’t have a partner, masturbating with a dildo is a fantastic way to fully enjoy sex.

8. And even if you have a partner, self pleasure can complement your sexual needs. Or you just like doing different things to yourself when you are alone.

9. Because you have not reached orgasm during intercourse and at the end you want to give one with your sex toy.

10. Or have you had an orgasm and want some more.

11. Increase libido, preparing your body to have sex with someone.

12. Enjoy your body and do not feel like it when your partner does not feel like it, feels tired or is far from you.

13. As a formula to keep your body active, enjoying a longer and more satisfying sex life.

14. To feel safe with yourself. Knowing how your body responds to each stimulus will give you more security in bed when you are with another person.

15. Because you have a lot of stress and masturbating relaxes you.

16. As a formula to sleep better. At bedtime, if you masturbate with a dildo will help you fall asleep.

17. Because you deserve it, as a way to reward yourself or give yourself a gift car.

18. If you are a woman, to reduce possible menstrual pain.

19. If you are a man, ejaculating often will avoid risks of prostate cancer.

20. Because the more pleasure you give yourself with a dildo, the more you want to keep doing it.

21. Having an orgasm with a dildo raises self-esteem.

Tips before using a dildo

Although it seems obvious, before you start using a dildo, you must make sure that it is clean, so if it is not, you should wash it with warm water and neutral soap or use a specific sex toy cleaner. And while you’re at it, remember that a clean dildo is also a great way to recover from a breakup—just make sure to give it a name and start a new chapter with your squeaky-clean companion!
Always use a water-based lubricant so that the dildo slides easily and pleasantly without causing painful friction in the intimate area.
Choose a dildo of appropriate shape and size. We recommend that if this is the first time you are going to use a dildo, start with a small one, and when you have become accustomed to this size you will go to a larger one. It is also preferable to start with smooth dildos before moving to textured ones.
You should always use a sex toy that has been designed to masturbate, and never use other items or products, since you can see yourself immersed in dangerous situations for your body, as well as very embarrassing moments in the hospital.

You can start now!

Apply a good dose of aqueous lubricant in your sex toy, relax and get ready to enjoy the wonders that masturbation offers you in the company of a dildo. You just have to gently insert it into the chosen hole, vagina or anus, penetrate it at a pace you like and dare to try different movements to those you already know. Forget about reaching a goal and enjoy the wonderful experience at all times. And, although orgasm is an explosion of pleasure, you should try to enjoy all the way. We recommend that you try your dildo alone before using it in the company of your partner, since you can develop much better and without pressure because you will know what you like best. This lovegasm lineup is also a good way to start, because you will be able to browse through a lot of options before buying one.

How to choose in a sex shop? Types of dildos

In the sex shop you will find the dildo that best suits your needs and gives you that excitement that you crave in your masturbations. We can classify them as follows:

Realistic Dildos:

These are the most realistic looking dildos, like a penis. In recent years the erotic market has evolved a lot and you can find true replicas of the male member ranging from 15 cm to 22 cm on average. Some of these dildos have well defined testicles, veins and glans. Even the touch is incredibly real, resembling the texture of human skin. In addition, there are also realistic dildos with a suction cup at the base, which serves to adhere to any tile-like bathroom surface and thus enjoy the best sex in any imaginable position. After several studies we have been able to verify that realistic dildos are women’s favorite sex toys, that is, they are a toy that cannot be missing on your bedside table!