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5 Steps to Recover from an Injury, On and Off the Mat5 Steps to Recover from an Injury, On and Off the Mat

Over the past two years, while dealing with a slow-healing hip injury, I’ve learned that injuries not only affect your physical life—which can have a major impact if you’re an active person or use your body for your profession, like I do—they can also take a toll on your mind, emotions, and finances. Though the first six months post-injury were especially difficult, once I started to implement the following life-changing steps, my journey became a lot easier.

1. Take Care of Your Injury, but Don’t Let Your Injury Take Over Your Life.

When dealing with an injury, obviously take good care of your body, avoid activities that make the injury worse, and be sure to get all the medical attention you need. If you know the healing process is going to take a long time, it’s important not to get your identity wrapped up with your injury. You are experiencing …

The Fatigue Solution: How To Increase Your Energy In Eight Easy StepsThe Fatigue Solution: How To Increase Your Energy In Eight Easy Steps

“Fatigue is the No. 1 complaint I hear from my patients and from the general public,” says Beverly Hills, Calif.-based endocrinologist and metabolic specialist Eva Carter, M.D., author of just released The Fatigue Solution: Recover Your Energy in Eight Easy Steps. “Women are told it’s either in their head or it’s because they’re having kids, raising kids, managing the household, working too hard or getting old. Fatigue is an illness. There are things we can do to get our energy back.”

According to Carter, millions of women around the world grapple with weight gain, chronic stress, poor sleep, forgetfulness, low sex drive, mood swings, hormone imbalances and constant fatigue. More often than not, they’re told: “That’s normal. You’re getting older.” It doesn’t have to be, she says.

Carter, who herself experienced a total lack of energy, low sex drive and poor sleep after the birth of her second child, …

8 Ways to Recover from a Breakup8 Ways to Recover from a Breakup

Romantic breakups are among the most common, yet somehow underrated, traumatic events in our lives. Perhaps because breakups are so universal, most people discuss them openly with each other and are sympathetic. On the other hand, precisely because of the frequency of breakups, people can minimize how deeply hurtful and damaging a breakup really can be for an individual.

Romantic relationships bring out intense emotions that often override logic or explanation. They often tie to deep-seated feelings about our own worthiness from childhood, our parental and peer relationships, and more. When a relationship ends, even on relatively good terms, there is still an emotional reckoning taking place — the end of something we may have hoped would be continuous, which was based on mutual adoration. After a breakup, there is still a feeling of rejection, something fundamental, something that says we cannot be together as before. That’s a tough …

The Power of Us: How Men Can Help Women Recover from Sexual ViolenceThe Power of Us: How Men Can Help Women Recover from Sexual Violence

Sexual assault is a sadly common experience for women. Nearly 1 in 5 women in the US are raped in their lifetime and their attackers are almost always men. This kind of violence can leave a woman deeply unsure of which men to trust. It’s a problem good men don’t create but good men can help mend.

Over the past years, I have been heartened to watch a groundswell of men take an interest in reducing violence against women. Men are beginning to act as powerful agents for change by tackling rape culture. I believe that healthy, empathic men are well placed to help women survivors recover and rebuild after sexual violence. It’s that priceless opportunity to help in healing that I wish to discuss and I urge you to take part in.

When I was 24 years old and living abroad, I was raped by a group of …